Let Opportunity Works…Work for You!

Your company’s success depends on the success of the employees you hire. Do they find meaning is their work? Do they find their job rewarding?

Opportunity Works will create success for your business

Problem solved… Opportunity Works has the workspace and the workforce!

You can grow your business with our 12,000 square foot production area and warehouse conveniently located in Newburyport’s industrial park. Learn more about our Production Services.

Problem solved…Opportunity Works will match an employee to meet your businesses needs!

Opportunity Works will match your needs with a qualified, job-ready individual, provide training support for the employee, and provide ongoing support for your business and the employee. Learn more our Staffing Solutions.

“Mersen has enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship with Opportunity Works. Both of our organizations have witnessed many changes in the last 20+ years of doing business together. The success Mersen enjoys providing specific products to our customers, is because of the efforts of Opportunity Works on our behalf. I have had the privilege and honor of working closely with the people at Opportunity Works over the years. While recognizing that a high degree of professionalism is necessary to maintain a business relationship in this time of many challenges, it also takes much dedication and compassion to be a success providing “Opportunities” to those who may not otherwise be able to create them for themselves; Opportunity Works excels in both areas. Through their efforts working with the business community, in order to help support their mission, the overall success they enjoy is a testament to the organization as a whole. The business community as well as the community in general is benefited by the efforts of organizations such as Opportunity Works. I can’t say enough about the respect and appreciation we at Mersen have for the people and mission of Opportunity Works; they really do make a positive difference in the lives of those served and in the lives of everyone in the community. We look forward to many more years in which we can be counted as a partner helping Opportunity Works be even more successful with their important work.” ~ Sincerely, Bob Minkle, Product Manager, Mersen