Brain Injury Services

Our program model utilizes a Person Centered Approach and includes structured activities and interventions that provide instruction and support in 5 key areas. These include accommodating changes in physical functioning, cognitive ability, Executive Functioning areas, behavior and emotion regulation, and language and communication development. A high degree of structure exampled by scheduling, routine and visual and auditory adaptations is combined with a commitment to individualization, community inclusion and skill acquisition to provide participants the opportunity to achieve the highest degree of independence and growth possible.

The program model provides intensive, community and site-based services in a number of critical areas.

  • Social Skill Training
  • Personal Care
  • Leisure Time Exposure & Development
  • Behavior Programming and Anger Management
  • Emotion Regulation Techniques
  • Community Integration & Inclusion
  • Physical Exercise & Mobility Training
  • Pre-vocational Skill Development

For more information, please contact

Monica Albach, Director of Operations Newburyport
978-462-6144 x 229